Karim niazi

Zamir Niazi — 11 June was a Pakistani journalistknown for his commitment to freedom of the press. InNiazi returned his Pride of Performance award to the government, in response to its closure of six newspapers.

Zamir Niazi began as a journalist in by joining Dawn newspaper where he also worked as a sub-editor for eight years. He then joined another Pakistani newspaper, Daily News as its chief sub-editor and lead writer in Inhe started working for a major business newspaper of Pakistan, the Business Recorder where he worked for 25 years in different capacities.

karim niazi

He was its news editor, when he retired from the Business Recorder in He is best known for the book Press in Chains that was published in The book investigates press censorship in Pakistan. It documents instances of press censorship during the British colonial rule in India and during the first three decades of Pakistan's independence especially under authoritarian military governments in Pakistan.

This book was originally in English and was also translated into Urdu language. Zamir Niazi died on 11 June at age 72 at Karachi, after being unwell for some time. He was admitted to a hospital for treatment just three days before his death. Among his survivors were his widow and two sons, Haris Zamir and Junaid Zamir. On 29 Junean event was arranged at the Pakistan Academy of LettersIslamabad to pay tributes to the journalist Zamir Niazi by noted scholars and intellectuals of Pakistan including Iftikhar Arif and Tariq Rahman.

It was mentioned by speakers at this event that Zamir Niazi was often called as 'Zameer' the conscience of Pakistani Press. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Press in Chains. Dawn newspaper. Retrieved 5 August Daily Times newspaper. Archived from the original on 11 March Retrieved 6 August Pride of Performance for Arts.

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karim niazi

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Current Journals. Archive Journals. All Journals.He was When Pakistan won independence from Britain inhe joined the Pakistan Army and worked his way through the ranks. As chief of the Pakistan army command in what was then called East Pakistan, Niazi and his forces fought Bangladeshi separatists and Indian forces in a bloody civil war.

karim niazi

For nine months, the fighting ensued and led to the deaths of 3 million people. Then inthe city of Dhaka fell and Niazi surrendered his 90, troops to the Indian Army. The defeat, which was considered a national humiliation, allowed residents of East Pakistan to secede and form an independent Bangladesh. Niazi later became a strong critic of the Pakistan Army.

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I found him a sincere soldier who accepted the fact that misgovernance of east pakistan by west pakistani govt.

I pay tibute to the departed sould for his truthfulness he showed in his book.

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He was a bucher. He is responsible for killing 3 million innocent people at East Pakistan atand will be put to justice by almighty surely. I feel Gen. Yhaya, Mr. Bhutto, and Mr. Mujeeb were make reason of this miserable event.

He was responsible for the holocaust that happened in Bangladesh in He was a devil in disguise, a mindless monster. I hope and pray that he is granted the lowest level in the Hell. People across pakistan say the niazi had a pegion heart.

Surrender was a political drama, Gen. Niazi was a brave man and a true soldier. His superiors were useless. Responsible for east pakistan misfortunes were bhutto,mujeeb and indra gandhi.

All three met there ill fate by divine justice.More than Islamic State IS fighters and their families including women and children have surrendered to security forces in Achin district of eastern Afghanistan's Nangarhar province over the past two weeks amid increasing military operations, an army commander in the restive district General Mohammad Karim Niazi said.

Islamic State claims Mozambique attack close to gas projects.

Zamir Niazi

Insurgents attacked the town of Mocimboa da Praia on Monday, briefly occupying some areas and its local army barracks before being pushed out on Tuesday, Mozambique authorities and security analysts said. Islamic State claimed the attack through its Amaq news agency, which said dozens of soldiers and police officers had been killed or injured.

Government spokesman Filimao Suaze said the retreating attackers had left a "trail of destruction and dead bodies," and that security had been beefed up in the area. While Islamic State has claimed a spate of recent attacks in the northernmost province of Cabo Delgado, home to gas developments following one of the biggest gas finds in a decade off its coast, Tuesday's claim of responsibility is the first matched by rare official confirmation of an attack. The government does not acknowledge such claims, however.

Mocimboa da Praia, 60 kilometers south of the gas projects, previously served as the main airport for international workers and its port is used for cargo deliveries. Exxon and Total did not immediately respond to emailed requests for comment sent outside usual business hours. NGOs say the government must do more to protect the mostly poor civilians in the area and step up transparency.More than Islamic State IS fighters and their families including women and children have surrendered to security forces in Achin district of eastern Afghanistan's Nangarhar province over the past two weeks amid increasing military operations, an army commander in the restive district General Mohammad Karim Niazi said.

The issue sharply divided the world's biggest Muslim majority nation with its president saying this week that he was not in favor of bringing back suspected militants and their families who went to Syria and other countries to fight for the group's crumbled caliphate. Security affairs minister Mahfud MD said that some Indonesians, including women and children, in Syria would not be allowed to return home due to security concerns in a country that suffered repeated attacks by IS-loyal groups.

The government would consider repatriating children 10 years old or younger on a "case by case basis", he added, without elaborating. Critics of the plan said it was better to bring foreign fighters home and rehabilitate them instead of risking that they could be further radicalized abroad. Australia, Indonesia move on trade deal.He is renowned for being the commander of the submarine PNS Ghazi during the second war with India infor which he was decorated.

Inhe took over the command of the Pakistan Navy as its Chief of Naval Staff and worked in close coordination with President Zia-ul-Haq on the matters of national security throughout the s. On 2 September inGhazi was deployed off to Bombay coast under Niazi's command, initially covertly patrolling the Rann of Kutch coastal areas.

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On 17 SeptemberCommander Niazi ordered the firing of three Mk. At Navy NHQNiazi submitted his mission report, but did not submit an inquiry report of three mysterious explosions that were heard during the course of the mission.

Niazi commanded Ghazi until before being promoted to captain and taking a staff assignment at Navy NHQ. Inhe was promoted to commodore and temporarily held the rank of rear-admiral to assume the Submarine Command during the third war with India.

Upon graduating inhis promotion in the Navy was extremely quick due to the dismissal of senior flag ranking officers. He was immediately promoted to two-star rear-admiralbecoming the senior fleet commander as the head of the Pakistan Fleet. As Chief of Naval Staff, he played a crucial role in stabilizing the administration of President Zia-ul-Haq and was appointed martial law administrator under President Zia.

After the Soviet Union intervened in neighboring AfghanistanAdmiral Niazi gave authorization to the Navy's depot command in Karachi to store arms and weapons bought by the United States under a covert operation to secretly armed the Afghan mujahideen fighting the Soviet Union. After his retirement, Admiral K. Niazi lived a very quiet life and lives on military pensions. On 23 JanuaryAdmiral Niazi was among the retired senior military officers from the Ex-Servicemen Association who called for President Parvez Musharraf 's resignation in order to pave the way for a complete restoration of democracy and law and order in the country.

Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Karamat Rahman Niazi. Then- Cdr K. The Gazette of Pakistan. Retrieved 28 January Retrieved 10 January Karachi, Pakistan: Defence Journal, Retrieved 27 January Archived from the original on 30 March January Defense Journal Pakistan.

S Lodhi. Retrieved 2 November Retrieved 18 November Roli Books Private Limited. The Betrayal of East-Pakistan. University of Michigan: Manohar, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan: Jang Publishers. World of Information. Strategic analysis: The Naval dictatorship. Washington D. Retrieved 17 December For most of us, a garage is a lot more than a place to park. We use it to build big projects, we load it up with everything from Hot Wheels to Harleys, and sometimes we party or just hang out with the guys there.

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